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Sugar Coat It - Wendy Clark

, Stouffville, Canada
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Custom designed cakes Sugar Coat it produces custom designer cakes, cookies and cupcakes for all your special events. If you are looking for a unique creation that is not a mass produced bakery cake, a piece of edible art that everyone will  remember for a long time to come... then one of my creations might be right for you.

Due to the time that goes in to creating these masterpieces spots are limited for each date. In order to assure availability and avoid disappointment I advise you book as early in advance as you can. Each cake is custom designed and not  mass produced. Attention to quality and detail are never overlooked. Therefore these cakes do come with an order minimum.

As always design and size depict price but as a general guideline prices start as follows:

Custom Cakes start at $150.00.  Sculpted cakes start at $300.00. Cupcakes have a minimum order of 24 and start at $3.50/cupcake. Designer cookies range in price from $3.00/cookie - $12.00/cookie depending on the size and design.

Consultations are by appointment only.  


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