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LifeConductor organizes, integrates & communicates information so aging family members may continue to live safely in their  homes. LifeConductor Inc. is an information management software company that combines the elements of Technology and Community Development to prolong independent living and well-being of Older Adults and those with Special Needs, termed VIP (Very Important Person).

Our multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a Service) web application acts as a ‘Personal Assistant” that creates integrated Community Connections by proactively organizing, integrating and communicating information surrounding the numerous interdependent details within the 5 Life Domains of the VIP’s life (Health, Social, Home, Mobility and Finance) with their Loved Ones (often the VIP’s adult children / guardians) and to a lesser degree, the local Community (Caregivers / Suppliers).

Simply put, LifeConductor’s proactive management of information offers a level of Convenience for the VIP and an emotional Peace of Mind for Loved Ones.