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Escape & Flaunt

11028-102 ave., Fairview, Canada
Health Spa



Nurturing beauty & wellbeing – an alternative health and wellness team located in Fairview, Alberta. Escape & Flaunt is here to serve your mind, body and soul; we help our clients reach a complete state of beauty & wellbeing. HOURS:
Monday - 9AM - 4PM
Tuesday - Friday - 9AM - 9PM**
Saturday - 9AM - 4PM**

**If there are NO float/sauna bookings for the evening we MAY be closed as early as 4PM.
**If there are NO float/sauna bookings for SATURDAY we MAY be closed.

Nurturing beauty & wellbeing – an alternative health and wellness team located in Fairview, Alberta. Escape & Flaunt is here to serve your mind, body and soul; we help our clients reach a complete state of beauty & wellbeing.


🌕 New Year !! = Season of Change and New Beginnings! ⭐️ We are always keeping things fresh and aligning with the needs of a new season! Keep in touch with our page to see what is happening here at Escape & Flaunt this New Year! <<LIKE our page to get the news first hand!>>

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Last weekend we had another fantastic day with Dallal of Catch your Dreams. It was a lot of fun and definitely fed our souls! The morning started with a Dream Circle, a new event for us, which was incredibly interesting and contemplative. I love learning new means that bring awareness! The calming energy flowed on into the afternoon, for our Dream catcher workshop. The willow frames added a very special connection to the intentions and dreams created below! Thank-you Dallal! Very grateful our paths crossed!❤️

Saturday, October 28th. - 1:00-6 Cost:$120 Coffee/tea and snacks provided. Must call Escape & Flaunt to register! 780-835-3580 ************************************************** The idea that dream catchers hang over our beds, trapping our bad dreams, is a simple and westernized interpretation. Traditionally, they are so much more, holding heartfelt meaning and manifestations. The intention behind every dream catcher is unique and personal. Whether you are making a Dreamcatcher for yourself, a loved one, or newborn baby, you are creating something specific for this person. It could be a dream you have for the future, a story you are working on or wanting to heal. It could be about money, creativity, femininity, or your living location. A dream catcher is whatever you need it to be. As you weave your dream you need to be specific on what it is you're creating, and that is where Dallal comes in! Dallal is truly amazing at guiding you and helping get to the heart of it all. With a class size of only 8, you will get all the time needed to work on your story. Dallal provides everything needed to make your dream catcher, but it if you have personal items that represent your dream, please do bring them! They could be small objects, jewelry, fabrics, or anything you consider precious. It is an amazing afternoon, in a special environment, where the collective work is very warm and gratifying. Sunday, October 28th. Starts at 1:00 and runs until about 5:00. Call us to register!

THE DREAM CIRCLE | WORKSHOP "It Is Time To Awaken The Dreamers." October 29th. 1pm. Escape & Flaunt THE DREAM CIRCLE is about coming together monthly to DREAM TOGETHER. Each class will bring teachings and experiences to build upon your dreaming skills. Shamanic Journeying, dream walking, lucid dreaming, creative visualization and active dreaming. ::IT'S TIME TO AWAKEN THE DREAMERS:: It is time to bring back the lost art of dreaming and to bring back importance to our dreams and the guidance they provide to us. To dream, in Egyptian means "To Awaken." When we awaken to our dreams; we awaken to our soul's wishes and desires, to the idea we live in a multidimensional universal and to the limitless possibilities of who we are. Come and Gather with us in circle to dream, to journey and to discover! JOIN US October 29th. 1pm. Escape & Flaunt Please bring a journal + pen Investment: $50 Tea and snacks provided. The Dream Circle is Part of The Dream Sister Circles held in Llyodminister, Grande Prairie, High Prairie and Vancouver Island